I moved last year from a Steelworkxx to a Holy Trainer 2. The problem with the trainer is as with all these devices as you say, you can get yourself out. If you live in a situation with children as I do, audible stealth is also critical for those time when you’re padding around house in your pajamas or sweats. The CB-6000 has a separate lock that clicks against the tube as you walk while the Holy Trainer’s lock is integrated and silent. Both Mature Metal and Steelworxx offer integrated lock options (for MM, it’s a security screw rather than a lock and key).

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I went with the basic small cage design, but here also, multiple styles and sizes are available. I feel safe in saying that the Cherry Keeper is available in a size to fit almost anyone. You might also consider something comfortable and lightweight. Therefore, you don’t want to start out with something too heavy or intense. For this reason, many newbies like to go with a silicone model. We know it can be hard (pun fully intended!) to choose the perfect secure device to secure your slave’s pathetic penis.

  • Wearing a sissy cage can be both deliciously constricting and liberating at the same time.
  • Sissy chastity cages train you to be not only obedient but also as feminine as you can.
  • Taking a 30–60-minute break is acceptable if it is where any possible infringements can be curtailed.
  • You also have to replace batteries once or twice a year depending on use, and they don’t use conventional batteries.
  • The piercing was the only connection to my penis.

There really is something for everyone, be it for a little bedroom adult toys fun, a hardcore play session in a full kitted dungeon or to show your key holder just how committed you are to them. A cock cage is a type of chastity device worn by men. It encloses the penis either partially or completely.

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You drop your pants and check and discover one of your testicles has escaped the base ring. Usually, it’s the one that tends to hang a little higher than the other. This is the best option when it comes to cleanliness as it only locks your penis with bars. There is a lot of room for fresh air to enter and this avoids any heating up that may have happened otherwise.

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❤ Very sturdy cage, giving control to your partner to improve your life. Consider purchasing additional rings and Pandora Locks to ensure you have the facility to get back into your device should you manage to break free. After all, we know you’ll want to be locked up again sooner rather than later!

I want to be kept in chastity, and I honor my commitment to my keyholder and to myself. When in place, the Cherry Keeper does the job when it comes to preventing me from easily touching my penis for pleasure and stops me from masturbating. I won’t take the time to regurgitate all the sizing options which can easily be referenced on the Cherry Keeper website. Instead, I’m only addressing fit using the measurements of the device I ordered. An easy-squeeze silicone enema bulb with an 7 oz capacity, and a thin lengths approx 2.32 inch and designed for comfortable entry . First, find a device that you can wear long term.

And with a good security system in place, your victim will have no choice but to stay put until you let them out. With toys like this, things can get interesting in a hurry. Cock cages can be pretty intimidating if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Using AliExpress, you can buy the exact same devices that you can buy from major companies straight from the manufacturer with a significantly smaller markup. These devices are much newer and are bound to have some kinks. Each player would also have to ensure that they were using a VPN if they were trying to remain anonymous.

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Best Couples Vibes Cross currents and get closer with our favorite vibrating toys designed especially for partner play. Pen Test Partners – the Buckingham-based cyber-security firm involved – has a reputation for bringing quirky discoveries to light, including problems with other sex toys in the past. The sex toy’s app has been fixed by its Chinese developer after a team of UK security professionals flagged the bug. I began wearing the device all day, and found that the inability to get an erection gave me room to focus on other things.

Get one that fits without causing pain and leave it on until it starts to smell, then take it off to clean for a bit. Discomfort will turn into pain, and pain can turn into a medical emergency faster than you’d think. If you want to wear a cage for longer than a few hours, comfort and safety are the priority.